Submit your proposal!

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

  • There's no minimum word count for a proposal. Keep it short, quick, to the point, and make it stand out!
  • Your proposal must directly impact your county.
  • We will let you know whether your proposal was accepted and contact you to discuss the details about the event.
  • If you're not selected for this SOUP, don't worry!  Try again for the next one in your area!  We get a lot of submissions with only space for 4 presenters.
  • Protip:  Write out your proprosal outside of the submission form.  That way, if you aren't selected you'll have it ready for the next event.
  • Anything you submit (except your phone number) will be used to print at the dinners. So make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc. We won't be proofreading.
  • You'll be presenting with NO technology.  It will be you, your voice, and your idea.
  • Winning presenters will be asked to give updates on their projects at a following SOUP event.

Never been to or heard of a SOUP event before?  Not a problem!  Show up regardless of whether your proposal is selected or not and meet some great people, slurp some delicious soup, and hear about great ideas for our community.

FYI: The C-Lab (a co-sponsor of the event) will be looking for good projects for possible coaching and funding, even if you aren’t selected to present! So you may hear from us, win or lose!

Enter your phone number so we can reach you if your proposal is selected.
Tell us what you want to do, how it benefits the community, and what you'll be using the money for if you win.
If you're part of an organization, enter it here.
We want to know a little about the people presenting. Tell us a little bit about yourself!